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  • Ovshinsky-effect

    [ov-shin-skee, awv-] /ɒvˈʃɪn ski, ɔv-/ noun 1. an effect that turns special types of glassy, thin films into semiconductors upon application of low voltage.

  • Ovular

    [ov-yuh-ler, oh-vyuh-ler-] /ˈɒv yə lər, ˈoʊ vyə lər-/ adjective 1. pertaining to or of the nature of an . adj. 1855, from ovule + -ar.

  • Ovular membrane

    ovular membrane n. See vitelline membrane.

  • Ovulate

    [ov-yuh-leyt, oh-vyuh-leyt-] /ˈɒv yəˌleɪt, ˈoʊ vyəˌleɪt-/ verb (used without object), ovulated, ovulating. Biology. 1. to produce and discharge eggs from an ovary or ovarian follicle. /ˈɒvjʊˌleɪt/ verb 1. (intransitive) to produce or discharge eggs from an ovary v. 1888, back-formation from ovulation. Related: Ovulated; ovulating. ovulate o·vu·late (ō’vyə-lāt’, ŏv’yə-) v. o·vu·lat·ed, o·vu·lat·ing, o·vu·lates To produce […]

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