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another name for oxyacid


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  • Oxygen affinity hypoxia

    oxygen affinity hypoxia n. Hypoxia due to the reduced ability of hemoglobin to release oxygen.

  • Oxygenase

    [ok-si-juh-neys, -neyz] /ˈɒk sɪ dʒəˌneɪs, -ˌneɪz/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. an oxidoreductase enzyme that catalyzes the introduction of molecular into an organic substance. oxygenase ox·y·gen·ase (ŏk’sĭ-jə-nās’, -nāz’) n. An enzyme that catalyzes the incorporation of molecular oxygen into its substrate. Also called direct oxidase.

  • Oxygenated

    [ok-si-juh-neyt] /ˈɒk sɪ dʒəˌneɪt/ verb (used with object), oxygenated, oxygenating. 1. to treat, combine, or enrich with : to oxygenate the blood. /ˈɒksɪdʒɪˌneɪt/ verb 1. to enrich or be enriched with oxygen: to oxygenate blood oxygenate ox·y·gen·ate (ŏk’sĭ-jə-nāt’) or ox·y·gen·ize (-jə-nīz’) v. ox·y·gen·at·ed or ox·y·gen·ized, ox·y·gen·at·ing or ox·y·gen·iz·ing, ox·y·gen·ates or ox·y·gen·iz·es To treat, combine, or […]

  • Oxygenated hemoglobin

    oxygenated hemoglobin n. See oxyhemoglobin.

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