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an establishment where customers go to inhale oxygen-rich air through a disposable hose inserted into their nostrils, for the purpose of deriving supposed therapeutic effects.
an establishment where customers pay to inhale pure oxygen in order to combat the effects of air pollution

an establishment that sells pure oxygen for its purported health benefits such as cleansing, regeneration of cells, and stress reduction


Read Also:

  • Oxygen capacity

    oxygen capacity n. The amount of oxygen a quantity of blood is able to absorb.

  • Oxygen consumption

    oxygen consumption n. An expression of the rate at which oxygen is used by tissues, usually given in microliters of oxygen consumed in 1 hour by 1 milligram dry weight of tissue.

  • Oxygen-cycle

    noun, Ecology. 1. the process by which oxygen released into the atmosphere by photosynthetic organisms is taken up by aerobic organisms while the carbon dioxide released as a by-product of repiration is taken up for photosynthesis.

  • Oxygen-debt

    noun, Physiology. 1. the body’s oxygen deficiency resulting from strenuous physical activity. oxygen debt n. The amount of extra oxygen required by muscle tissue to oxidize lactic acid and replenish depleted ATP and phosphocreatine following vigorous exercise.

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