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Oxygen effect

(biology) the increased sensitivity to radiation of living organisms, tissues, etc, when they are exposed in the presence of oxygen


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  • Oxygenize

    [ok-si-juh-nahyz] /ˈɒk sɪ dʒəˌnaɪz/ verb (used with object), oxygenized, oxygenizing. 1. .

  • Oxygen-lance

    noun 1. a tube for conveying oxygen, used in various thermal cutting or steelmaking operations.

  • Oxygen-mask

    noun 1. a masklike device placed or worn over the nose and mouth when inhaling supplementary oxygen from an attached tank. noun 1. a device, worn over the nose and mouth, to which oxygen is supplied from a cylinder or other source: used to aid breathing oxygen mask n. A masklike device that is placed […]

  • Oxygen-tent

    noun 1. a small tentlike canopy placed over a sick person for delivering and maintaining a flow of oxygen at critical periods. noun 1. (med) a transparent enclosure covering a bedridden patient, into which oxygen is released to help maintain respiration oxygen tent n. A canopy placed over the head and shoulders or over the […]

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