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oxygeusia ox·y·geu·si·a (ŏk’sĭ-gyōō’zē-ə, -zhə, -jōō’-)
See hypergeusia.


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  • Oxyhemochromogen

    oxyhemochromogen ox·y·he·mo·chro·mo·gen (ŏk’sē-hē’mə-krō’mə-jən) n. See hematin.

  • Oxyhemoglobin

    [ok-si-hee-muh-gloh-bin, -hem-uh-] /ˌɒk sɪˈhi məˌgloʊ bɪn, -ˈhɛm ə-/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. See under . [hee-muh-gloh-bin, hem-uh-] /ˈhi məˌgloʊ bɪn, ˈhɛm ə-/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. the oxygen-carrying pigment of red blood cells that gives them their red color and serves to convey oxygen to the tissues: occurs in reduced form (deoxyhemoglobin) in venous blood and in […]

  • Oxyhydrogen

    [ok-si-hahy-druh-juh n] /ˌɒk sɪˈhaɪ drə dʒən/ adjective 1. pertaining to or involving a mixture of oxygen and . noun 2. a mixture of oxygen and , used in a blowtorch for welding steel plates or the like. /ˌɒksɪˈhaɪdrədʒən/ noun 1.

  • Oxymetazoline

    [ok-see-muh-taz-uh-leen, -met-uh-zoh-] /ˌɒk si məˈtæz əˌlin, -ˈmɛt ə zoʊ-/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a sympathomimetic drug, C 1 6 H 2 4 N 2 O, used as a topical, long-lasting nasal decongestant. oxymetazoline ox·y·me·taz·o·line (ŏk’sē-mĭ-tāz’ə-lēn’, -mět’ə-zō-) n. A vasoconstricting drug that is used topically in the form of its hydrochloride salt to reduce nasal congestion.

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