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[oh-yes, oh-yez] /ˈoʊ yɛs, ˈoʊ yɛz/

hear! attend! (a cry uttered usually twice by a court officer to command silence and attention, as before court is in session, and formerly by public criers).
noun, plural oyesses.
a cry of “oyez.”.
/əʊˈjɛs; -ˈjɛz/
a cry, usually uttered three times, by a public crier or court official for silence and attention before making a proclamation
such a cry

early 15c., from Anglo-French oyez “hear ye!” (late 13c., Old French oiez), a cry uttered (usually thrice) to call attention, from Latin subjunctive audiatis, plural imperative of audire “to hear” (Anglo-French oier; see audience).


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