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[oh-zahrks] /ˈoʊ zɑrks/

Lake of the, a recreational lake in S central Missouri, created by a 1931 dam on the Osage River. 93 sq. mi. (242 sq. km).
[oh-zahrk] /ˈoʊ zɑrk/
a town in SE Alabama.
plural noun
a group of low mountains in S Missouri, N Arkansas, and NE Oklahoma.
plural noun
an eroded plateau in S Missouri, N Arkansas, and NE Oklahoma. Area: about 130 000 sq km (50 000 sq miles) Also called Ozark Plateau

see Ozark.

mountains of southcentral United States, said to be from French aux Arcs, short for aux Arkansas “to the Arkansas (Indians),” who once inhabited that region. See Arkansas.


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