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a combining form meaning “smell,” used in the formation of compound words:
ozocerite; ozostomia.


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  • Ozocerite

    [oh-zoh-kuh-rahyt, -suh-rahyt, oh-zoh-seer-ahyt] /oʊˈzoʊ kəˌraɪt, -səˌraɪt, ˌoʊ zoʊˈsɪər aɪt/ noun 1. a waxlike mineral resin; mineral wax. /əʊˈzəʊkəˌraɪt/ noun 1. a brown or greyish wax that occurs associated with petroleum and is used for making candles and wax paper Also called earth wax, mineral wax

  • Ozon-

    1. variant of before a vowel: ozonide.

  • Ozone

    [oh-zohn, oh-zohn] /ˈoʊ zoʊn, oʊˈzoʊn/ noun 1. a form of oxygen, O 3 , with a peculiar odor suggesting that of weak chlorine, produced when an electric spark or ultraviolet light is passed through air or oxygen. It is found in the atmosphere in minute quantities, especially after a thunderstorm, is a powerful oxidizing agent, […]

  • Ozone-friendly

    adjective 1. not harmful to the ozone layer; using substances that do not produce gases harmful to the ozone layer: an ozone-friendly refrigerator adjective not containing chemicals that damage the ozone layer

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