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[oh-zuh-nahy-zer, oh-zoh-] /ˈoʊ zəˌnaɪ zər, ˈoʊ zoʊ-/

noun, Chemistry.
an apparatus for converting oxygen into ozone.


Read Also:

  • Ozono-

    1. a combining form representing ozone, in compound words: ozonosphere.

  • Ozonolysis

    [oh-zuh-nol-uh-sis, oh-zoh-] /ˌoʊ zəˈnɒl ə sɪs, ˌoʊ zoʊ-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. the reaction of ozone with hydrocarbons. /ˌəʊzəʊˈnɒlɪsɪs/ noun 1. (chem) the process of treating an organic compound with ozone to form an ozonide: used to locate double bonds in molecules

  • Ozonosphere

    noun 1. Meteorology. the layer of the upper atmosphere where most atmospheric ozone is concentrated, from about 8 to 30 miles (12 to 48 km) above the earth, with the maximum ozone concentration occurring at an altitude of about 12 miles (19 km). /əʊˈzəʊnəˌsfɪə; -ˈzɒnə-/ noun 1. another name for ozone layer noun 1. the […]

  • Ozostomia

    [oh-zuh-stoh-mee-uh] /ˌoʊ zəˈstoʊ mi ə/ noun, Pathology. 1. bad breath; halitosis. ozostomia o·zo·sto·mi·a (ō’zə-stō’mē-ə) n. Foul-smelling breath; halitosis.

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