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Police Athletic League.
a close friend; comrade
an accomplice
verb pals, palling, palled
(intransitive; usually foll by with or about) to associate as friends
noun acronym
phase alternation line: a colour-television broadcasting system used generally in Europe

1788, from Romany (English Gypsy) pal “brother, comrade,” variant of continental Romany pral, plal, phral, probably from Sanskrit bhrata “brother” (see brother (n.)). Extended colloquial form palsy-walsy attested from 1930.

1879, from pal (n.). Related: Palled; palling.


A friend, esp a very close male friend; boon companion; buddy: has many devoted friends, but he is nobody’s ”pal” (1681+)


pal around (1899+)

[fr Romany phral, phal, ”brother, friend,” ultimately fr Sanskrit bhratr, ”brother”]
phase alternation line
Police Athletic League


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