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Philippine Islands.
Also, PI, p.i. .


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  • Pia

    [pee-uh] /ˈpi ə/ noun 1. a female given name. pia pi·a (pī’ə, pē’ə) n. The pia mater. pi’al adj. 1. Greater Peoria Regional Airport 2. practicably irrigable acreage

  • Pia-arachnitis

    pia-arachnitis pi·a-a·rach·ni·tis (pī’ə-ə-rāk-nī’tĭs, pē’ə-) n. See leptomeningitis.

  • Pia-arachnoid

    pia-arachnoid pi·a-a·rach·noid (pī’ə-ə-rāk’noid’, pē’ə-) or pi·a·rach·noid (pī’ə-rāk’-, pē’-) n. See leptomeninges.

  • Piacenza

    [pyah-chen-tsah] /pyɑˈtʃɛn tsɑ/ noun 1. a city in N Italy, on the Po River. /Italian pjaˈtʃɛntsa/ noun 1. a town in N Italy, in Emilia-Romagna on the River Po. Pop: 95 594 (2001) Latin name Placentia (pləˈsɛntʃɪə)

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