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Pediatric Administration Assembly


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  • Paal

    /pɑːl/ noun 1. (Caribbean) a stake driven into the ground

  • Paarai

    opening of the Lord, “the Arbite,” one of David’s heroes (2 Sam. 23:35); called also Naarai, 1 Chr. 11:37.

  • Paasikivi

    [pah-si-ki-vi] /ˈpɑ sɪ kɪ vɪ/ noun 1. Juho Kusti [yoo -haw koo s-ti] /ˈyʊ hɔ ˈkʊs tɪ/ (Show IPA), 1870–1956, Finnish statesman: president 1946–56.

  • Pab

    Panama-balboa (currency)

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