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[paht-chey-kuh] /pɑtˈtʃeɪ kə/

noun, Pali.


Read Also:

  • Paccha

    [paht-chah] /ˈpɑt tʃɑ/ noun 1. an Incan wooden container for holding liquids.

  • Pacchionian body

    pacchionian body n. See arachnoid granulation.

  • Pacchionian

    pacchionian pac·chi·o·ni·an (pāk’ē-ō’nē-ən) adj. Relating to or described by Italian anatomist Antonio Pacchioni (1665-1726).

  • Pacchionian depression

    pacchionian depression n. Any of various small pits on the inner surface of the skull along the sagittal sinus that contain arachnoid granulations.

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