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[peys] /peɪs/

(in auto racing) an automobile that leads the competing cars through a pace lap or laps and leaves the course before the actual start of the race.


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  • Paced

    [peyst] /peɪst/ adjective 1. having a specified or indicated (usually used in combination): fast-paced. 2. counted out or measured by . 3. run at a set by a pacesetter. [peys] /peɪs/ noun 1. a rate of movement, especially in stepping, walking, etc.: to walk at a brisk pace of five miles an hour. 2. a […]

  • Pacefollower

    pacefollower pace·fol·low·er (pās’fŏl’ō-ər) n. A cell in excitable tissue that responds to stimuli from a pacemaker.

  • Pace-lap

    [peys] /peɪs/ noun 1. a lap before the beginning of an auto race for warming up the engines and giving the field a moving start.

  • Pacemaker

    [peys-mey-ker] /ˈpeɪsˌmeɪ kər/ noun 1. . 2. Medicine/Medical. an electronic device implanted beneath the skin for providing a normal heartbeat by electrical stimulation of the heart muscle, used in certain heart conditions. 3. Anatomy, Physiology. any specialized tissue that governs a rhythmic or cyclic biological activity, as the sinoatrial node of the heart that controls […]

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