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[puh-choo-kuh; Spanish pah-choo-kah] /pəˈtʃu kə; Spanish pɑˈtʃu kɑ/

noun, plural pachucas
[puh-choo-kuh z; Spanish pah-choo-kahs] /pəˈtʃu kəz; Spanish pɑˈtʃu kɑs/ (Show IPA)
a teenage girl who associates closely with pachucos.
[pah-choo-kah] /pɑˈtʃu kɑ/
a city in and the capital of Hidalgo, in central Mexico: silver mines.
[hi-dal-goh; Spanish ee-th ahl-gaw] /hɪˈdæl goʊ; Spanish iˈðɑl gɔ/
[hwahn] /ʰwɑn/ (Show IPA), c1600–85, Spanish composer and harpist.
a state in central Mexico. 8057 sq. mi. (20,870 sq. km).
Capital: Pachuca.
/Spanish paˈtʃuka/
a city in central Mexico, capital of Hidalgo state, in the Sierra Madre Oriental: silver mines; university (1961). Pop: 333 000 (2005 est)
/hɪˈdælɡəʊ; Spanish iˈðalɣo/
noun (pl) -gos (-ɡəʊz; Spanish) (-ɣos)
a member of the lower nobility in Spain
/hɪˈdælɡəʊ; Spanish iˈðalɣo/
a state of central Mexico: consists of a high plateau, with the Sierra Madre Oriental in the north and east; ancient remains of Teltec culture (at Tula); rich mineral resources. Capital: Pachuca. Pop: 2 231 392 (2000). Area: 20 987 sq km (8103 sq miles)

“Spanish nobleman of secondary rank,” 1590s, from Spanish hidalgo, from Old Spanish fidalgo, shortened from filho de algo “son (Latin filus) of someone (Latin aliquis),” perhaps an imitation of Arabic ibn-nas “son of people,” a complimentary title. For alteration of f- and h- in Spanish, see hacienda.


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