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pachymeninx pach·y·me·ninx (pāk’ē-mē’nĭngks)
See dura mater.


Read Also:

  • Pachynema

    [pak-i-teen] /ˈpæk ɪ tin/ noun, Cell Biology. 1. the third stage of prophase in meiosis, during which each chromosome pair separates into sister chromatids with some breakage and crossing over of genes. /ˈpækɪˌtiːn/ noun 1. the third stage of the prophase of meiosis during which the chromosomes become shorter and thicker and divide into chromatids […]

  • Pachynsis

    pachynsis pa·chyn·sis (pā-kĭn’sĭs) n. A pathological thickening of a bodily organ, tissue, or structure. pa·chyn’tic adj.

  • Pachyonychia

    pachyonychia pach·y·o·nych·i·a (pāk’ē-ō-nĭk’ē-ə) n. Abnormal thickness of the fingernails or toenails.

  • Pachyonychia congenita

    pachyonychia congenita pachyonychia con·gen·i·ta (kən-jěn’ĭ-tə) n. A hereditary syndrome marked by abnormal thickness and elevation of the nail plates, palmar and plantar hyperkeratosis, and a whitish and glazed tongue due to papillary atrophy. Also called Jadassohn-Lewandowsky syndrome.

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