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Packet switch

packet switching


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  • Packet-switched

    packet switching

  • Packet-switching

    [pak-it-swich-ing] /ˈpæk ɪtˌswɪtʃ ɪŋ/ noun 1. a method of efficient data transmission whereby the initial message is broken into relatively small units, or , that are routed independently and subsequently reassembled. noun 1. (computing) the concentration of data into units that are allocated an address prior to transmission noun a method of data transfer in […]

  • Packet switch node

    (PSN) A dedicated computer whose purpose is to accept, route and forward packets in a packet-switched network. (1994-11-30)

  • Packet writing

    storage A technique for writing CD-Rs and CD-RWs that is more efficient in both disk space used and the time it takes to write the CD. Adaptec’s DirectCD is a packet writing recorder for Windows 95 and Windows NT that uses the UDF version 1.5 file system. [Is this true? How does it work?] (1999-09-01)

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