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an establishment for processing and packing foods, especially meat, to be sold at wholesale.


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  • Packit

    file format, tool A file format used on the Apple Macintosh to represent collections of Mac files, possibly Huffman compressed. Packing many small related files together before a MacBinary transfer or a translation to BinHex 4.0 is common practice. (1994-11-30)

  • Pack of lies

    noun 1. a completely false story, account, etc

  • Packman

    [pak-muh n] /ˈpæk mən/ noun, plural packmen. 1. a peddler.

  • Packrat

    [pak-rat] /ˈpækˌræt/ verb (used with object), pack-ratted, pack-ratting. Informal. 1. to save in the manner of a pack rat: I’m looking through the stuff my grandpa pack-ratted away in the attic. noun 1. Also called trade rat, wood rat. a large, bushy-tailed rodent, Neotoma cinerea, of North America, noted for carrying off small articles to […]

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