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[puh-droh-nee, -ney; Italian pah-draw-ne] /pəˈdroʊ ni, -neɪ; Italian pɑˈdrɔ nɛ/

noun, plural padrones
[puh-droh-neez, -neyz] /pəˈdroʊ niz, -neɪz/ (Show IPA). Italian, padroni
[pah-draw-nee] /pɑˈdrɔ ni/ (Show IPA)
a master; boss.
an employer, especially of immigrant laborers, who provides communal housing and eating arrangements, controls the allocation of pay, etc., in a manner that exploits the workers.
an innkeeper.
noun (pl) -nes, -ni (-niː)
the owner or proprietor of an inn, esp in Italy
(US) an employer who completely controls his workers, esp a man who exploits Italian immigrants in the US


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