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[pey-duh s] /ˈpeɪ dəs/

ancient name of .
the Latin name for the Po2


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    [pee-uh n] /ˈpi ən/ noun 1. any song of praise, joy, or triumph. 2. a hymn of invocation or thanksgiving to Apollo or some other ancient Greek deity. /ˈpiːən/ noun 1. a hymn sung in ancient Greece in invocation of or thanksgiving to a deity 2. any song of praise 3. enthusiastic praise: the film […]

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    1. Chiefly British. variant of 1 . 1. variant of 1. before a vowel: pedagogic. combining form 1. indicating a child or children: paedology combining form 1. a variant (esp US) of paedo- see pedo-. paedo- pref. Variant of pedo-2. ped- 2 pref. Variant of pedo-2.

  • Paederast

    /ˈpɛdəˌræst/ noun 1. a less common spelling of pederast

  • Paederasty

    n. see pederasty.

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