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Pennsylvania German.


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  • Pagad

    abbreviation 1. (South African) People Against Gangsterism and Drugs, a vigilante organization formed in the Western Cape around 1995 and subsequently associated with Islamic fundamentalism

  • Pagan

    [pey-guh n] /ˈpeɪ gən/ noun 1. (no longer in technical use) one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks. 2. a member of a religious, spiritual, or cultural community based on the worship of nature or the earth; a neopagan. 3. Disparaging and Offensive. adjective 4. of, […]

  • Pagandom

    [pey-guh n-duh m] /ˈpeɪ gən dəm/ noun 1. the part of the world inhabited by . 2. collectively.

  • Paganini

    [pag-uh-nee-nee, pah-guh-; Italian pah-gah-nee-nee] /ˌpæg əˈni ni, ˌpɑ gə-; Italian ˌpɑ gɑˈni ni/ noun 1. Niccolò [nik-uh-loh;; Italian neek-kaw-law] /ˈnɪk əˌloʊ;; Italian ˌnik kɔˈlɔ/ (Show IPA), 1784–1840, Italian composer and violinist. /Italian paɡaˈniːni/ noun 1. Niccolò (nikkoˈlɔ). 1782–1840, Italian violinist and composer

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