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variant of 1 .


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  • Paid-up

    [peyd-uhp] /ˈpeɪdˈʌp/ adjective 1. paid in full, as of the present or of a specified date: a paid-up membership. adjective 1. having paid the due, full, or required fee to be a member of an organization, club, political party, etc 2. denoting a security in which all the instalments have been paid; fully paid: a […]

  • Paigle

    /ˈpeɪɡəl/ noun 1. another name for cowslip, oxlip

  • Paige

    [peyj] /peɪdʒ/ noun 1. Leroy Robert (“Satchel”) 1906–82, U.S. baseball player. fem. proper name, also a family name, variant of page (n.2) “young servant.” Patient Instruction Generator

  • Paignton

    /ˈpeɪntən/ noun 1. a town and resort in SW England, in Devon: administratively part of Torbay since 1968

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