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Also, paintpot. a container, as a jar, pail, or bucket, for holding paint while it is being applied.
Geology. a spring or pit filled with boiling colored mud.


Read Also:

  • Paint-roller

    noun 1. a roller of absorbent material, mounted on a handle, that is rolled in a trough of paint and then rolled over a flat surface to be painted.

  • Paint stripper

    noun 1. a liquid, often caustic, used to remove paint from a surface

  • Paintwork

    /ˈpeɪntˌwɜːk/ noun 1. a surface, such as wood or a car body, that is painted

  • Painty

    [peyn-tee] /ˈpeɪn ti/ adjective, paintier, paintiest. 1. of, coated with, or soiled with : a painty finish; painty overalls. 2. having a crudely or clumsily surface: The stage set consisted chiefly of painty scenery.

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