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  • Pakanbaru

    [pah-kahn-bahr-oo] /ˌpɑ kɑnˈbɑr u/ noun 1. a city on central Sumatra, in W Indonesia.

  • Pakapoo

    [pak-uh-poo] /ˌpæk əˈpu/ noun 1. a Chinese lottery in which the tickets are sheets of paper bearing densely written characters. /ˈpækəpuː/ noun (Austral & NZ) (pl) -poos 1. a Chinese lottery with betting slips marked with Chinese characters 2. like a pakapoo ticket, untidy, incomprehensible

  • Pakapoo-ticket

    noun 1. Australian Slang. something that is indecipherable or confusing: scrawled over like a pakapoo ticket.

  • Pakaraima-mountains

    [pak-uh-rahy-muh, pak-uh-] /ˈpæk əˈraɪ mə, ˌpæk ə-/ plural noun 1. a mountain range along the W central border of Guyana.

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