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(NZ) an area of swampy infertile land


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  • Pakirikiri

    /ˈpɑːkɪriːˌkɪriː/ noun 1. (NZ) another name for blue cod

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    [pak-uh-stan, pah-kuh-stahn] /ˈpæk əˌstæn, ˌpɑ kəˈstɑn/ noun 1. Islamic Republic of, a republic in S Asia, between India and Afghanistan: formerly part of British India; known as West Pakistan from 1947–71 to distinguish it from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). 310,403 sq. mi. (803,881 sq. km). Capital: Islamabad. 2. (before 1947) the predominantly Muslim areas of […]

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    [puh-kawk-koo] /pəˈkɔk ku/ noun 1. a city in central Burma.

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    [pak-uh-stan-ee, pah-kuh-stah-nee] /ˌpæk əˈstæn i, ˌpɑ kəˈstɑ ni/ noun, plural Pakistanis, Pakistani. 1. a native or inhabitant of Pakistan. adjective 2. of, relating to, or characteristic of Pakistan or its inhabitants. /ˌpɑːkɪˈstɑːnɪ/ noun 1. a native or inhabitant of Pakistan adjective 2. of or relating to Pakistan or its inhabitants

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