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[pey-lee-oh-jee-oh-fiz-iks; especially British pal-ee-] /ˌpeɪ li oʊˌdʒi oʊˈfɪz ɪks; especially British ˌpæl i-/

(used with a plural verb) inferred geophysical conditions or processes of designated periods of the geologic past.
(used with a singular verb) the study of these conditions.


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    [pey-lee-og-ruh-fee or, esp. British, pal-ee-] /ˌpeɪ liˈɒg rə fi or, esp. British, ˌpæl i-/ noun 1. ancient forms of writing, as in documents and inscriptions. 2. the study of ancient writing, including determination of date, decipherment, etc.

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