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[pel-mel, pal-mal, pawl-mawl] /ˈpɛlˈmɛl, ˈpælˈmæl, ˈpɔlˈmɔl/

a game, popular in the 17th century, in which a ball of boxwood was struck with a mallet in an attempt to drive it through a raised iron ring at the end of a playing alley.
a playing alley on which this game was played.
[pal mal, pel mel] /ˈpæl ˈmæl, ˈpɛl ˈmɛl/
a street in London, England, famed for its clubs.
noun (obsolete)
a game in which a ball is driven by a mallet along an alley and through an iron ring
the alley itself
/ˈpæl ˈmæl/
a street in central London, noted for its many clubs

see mall.


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