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noun, Cookery.
a small, flat utensil for picking up and handling pastry paste.
a variant spelling of palette knife


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  • Pallette

    [pal-it] /ˈpæl ɪt/ noun, Armor. 1. (def 8).

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    [pal-ee-uh m] /ˈpæl i əm/ noun, plural pallia [pal-ee-uh] /ˈpæl i ə/ (Show IPA), palliums. 1. a large, rectangular mantle worn by men in ancient Greece and Rome. 2. Ecclesiastical. 3. Anatomy. the entire cortex of the cerebrum. 4. Zoology. a mantle, as of a mollusk or bird. /ˈpælɪəm/ noun (pl) -lia (-lɪə), -liums 1. […]

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    noun 1. a powered truck with a mast, sometimes telescopic, on which slides a carriage which can be raised and lowered hydraulically. The carriage has extended forks which can be passed under a palletized load for stacking or moving to a new position Also called stacking truck

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