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[pal-mey-tuh-sekt, pahl-, pah-mey-] /pælˈmeɪ təˌsɛkt, pɑl-, pɑˈmeɪ-/

adjective, Botany.
(of leaves) having palmate veins and lobes split almost to the base of the blade.


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  • Palm-bay

    noun 1. a town in E Florida.

  • Palm-beach

    noun 1. a town in SE Florida: seaside winter resort. noun 1. a town in SE Florida, on an island between Lake Worth (a lagoon) and the Atlantic: major resort and tourist centre. Pop: 9759 (2003 est)

  • Palm-beach-gardens

    noun 1. a city in SE Florida, near North Palm Beach.

  • Palm berry

    noun 1. another name for açaí

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