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noun, Chemistry.
a white, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, C 1 6 H 3 2 O 2 , obtained by hydrolysis from palm oil and natural fats, in which it occurs as the glyceride, and from spermaceti: used in the manufacture of soap.
a white crystalline solid that is a saturated fatty acid: used in the manufacture of soap and candles. Formula: (C15H31)COOH Systematic name hexadecanoic acid

palmitic acid pal·mit·ic acid (pāl-mĭt’ĭk, päl-, pä-mĭt’-)
A saturated fatty acid occurring in palm oil and other fats. Also called hexadecanoic acid.
palmitic acid
(pāl-mĭt’ĭk, päl-, pä-mĭt’-)
A saturated fatty acid occurring as combustible white crystals in many natural oils (such as spermaceti and palm oil) and fats. It is used in making soaps. Chemical formula: C16H32O2.


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