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Palo alto research center



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  • Palo alto research centre


  • Palolo

    [puh-loh-loh] /pəˈloʊ loʊ/ noun, plural palolos. 1. .

  • Palo cortado

    /ˈpæləʊ kɔrˈtɑdəʊ/ noun 1. a rich, dry sherry

  • Palolo-worm

    noun 1. a polychaete worm, Eunice viridis, that lives in burrows among the coral reefs of several South Pacific islands, producing sperm or eggs in posterior segments that are cast off periodically in enormous numbers. /pəˈləʊləʊ/ noun 1. any of several polychaete worms of the family Eunicidae, esp Eunice viridis, of the S Pacific Ocean: […]

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