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[pam-puh z; attributively pam-puh s; Spanish pahm-pahs] /ˈpæm pəz; attributively ˈpæm pəs; Spanish ˈpɑm pɑs/

plural noun, singular pampa
[pam-puh; Spanish pahm-pah] /ˈpæm pə; Spanish ˈpɑm pɑ/ (Show IPA)
the vast grassy plains of southern South America, especially in Argentina.
[pam-puh] /ˈpæm pə/
a city in N Texas.
(functioning as singular or more often pl)


“large plains of South America,” 1704, from Spanish pampas, plural of pampa, from Quechua (Peru) pampa “a plain.”
An extensive, treeless grassland of southern South America.


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