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[pan-ther] /ˈpæn θər/

noun, plural panthers (especially collectively) panther.
the cougar or puma, Felis concolor.
the leopard, Panthera pardus.
any leopard in the black color phase.
Informal. a very fierce person.
(initial capital letter) Military. a 43-ton (39 metric tons) German tank of World War II with a 75mm gun as its main armament.
fierce; strong and violent.
[pan-ther] /ˈpæn θər/
noun (pl) -thers, -ther
another name for the leopard, esp the black variety, which is known as the black panther
(US & Canadian) any of various related animals, esp the puma

early 13c., from Old French pantere “panther” (12c.), from Latin panthera, from Greek panther “panther, leopard,” probably of Oriental origin. Folk etymology derivation from Greek pan- “all” + ther “beast” led to many curious fables.

n phr,n

Raw and inferior whiskey; rotgut (1929+)


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