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A set of standard colours for printing, each of which is specified by a single number. You can buy a Pantone swatch book containing samples of each colour. Some computer graphics software allows colours to be specified as Pantone numbers. Even though a computer monitor can only show an approximation to some of the colours, the software can output a colour separation for each different Pantone colour, enabling a print shop to exactly reproduce the original desired colour.


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    noun a fear of everything; also called panphobia See panphobia Word Origin Greek pantos ‘all’

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    pantothenate pan·to·then·ate (pān’tə-thěn’āt’, pān-tŏth’ə-nāt’) n. A salt or an ester of pantothenic acid.

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    adj. denoting a B-complex vitamin acid, 1933, from Greek pantothen “from all quarters, on every side,” from panto-, comb. form of pantos, genitive of pan “all” (see pan-) + -ic. So called because it was found in so many sources.

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    [pan-tuh-then-ik, pan-] /ˈpæn təˈθɛn ɪk, ˌpæn-/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a hydroxy acid, C 9 H 1 7 O 5 N, found in plant and animal tissues, rice, bran, etc., that is part of the B complex of vitamins and is essential for cell growth. /ˌpæntəˈθɛnɪk/ noun 1. an oily acid that is a vitamin of […]

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