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[pan-tree] /ˈpæn tri/

noun, plural pantries.
a room or closet in which food, groceries, and other provisions, or silverware, dishes, etc., are kept.
a room between the kitchen and dining room in which food is arranged for serving, glassware and dishes are stored, etc.
a shelter or other place where food is dispensed to the needy, either as groceries or as meals.
noun (pl) -tries
a small room or cupboard in which provisions, cooking utensils, etc, are kept; larder

early 14c., from Anglo-French panetrie (Old French paneterie) “bread room,” from Medieval Latin panataria “office or room of a servant who has charge of food” (literally “bread”), from Latin panis “bread” (see food). Sense in English has evolved so far that its roots in “bread” are no longer felt.


The stomach; breadbasket: another real fine left to the pantry (1950+ Prizefight)


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