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[pan-zer; German pahn-tsuh r] /ˈpæn zər; German ˈpɑn tsər/

(especially in the German army) armored:
a panzer unit.
of or relating to a panzer division:
a panzer attack.
a vehicle, especially a tank, forming part of a German panzer division.
/ˈpænzə; German ˈpantsər/
(modifier) of, relating to, or characteristic of the fast mechanized armoured units employed by the German army in World War II: a panzer attack
a vehicle belonging to a panzer unit, esp a tank
(pl) armoured troops

1940, from of German Panzerdivision “armored unit,” from Panzer “tank,” literally “armor,” from Middle High German panzier, from Old French panciere “armor for the belly,” from pance “belly, stomach,” from Latin pantex (genitive panticis) “belly” (see paunch).


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