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a cross with three horizontal crosspieces.
a cross with three crosspieces


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  • Papal-infallibility

    noun, Roman Catholic Church. 1. the dogma that the pope cannot err in a solemn teaching addressed to the whole church on a matter of faith or morals.

  • Papalize

    [pey-puh-lahyz] /ˈpeɪ pəˌlaɪz/ verb (used with or without object), papalized, papalizing. 1. to become or render .

  • Papal law

    noun a decree of regulations made or adopted by the Pope for the Roman Catholic Church and its members

  • Papal-states

    plural noun 1. the areas comprising a large district in central Italy ruled as a temporal domain by the popes from a.d. 755 until the greater part of it was annexed in 1860, by Victor Emmanuel II: the remaining part, Rome and its environs, was absorbed into the kingdom of Italy in 1870. plural noun […]

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