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of or relating to the or the papacy:
a papal visit to Canada.
of or relating to the Roman Catholic Church.
Contemporary Examples

“The pope is a discreet person,” said papal spokesman Federico Lombardi on Tuesday.
Benedict Could Be a Backseat Pope Barbie Latza Nadeau February 11, 2013

But in that sense, Burke said, the controversy the pope faces on Twitter is similar to what he might encounter on a papal visit.
OMFG the Pope’s on Twitter! Barbie Latza Nadeau December 11, 2012

The papal view of lawmaking on Capitol Hill is unknown, but Congress you have been warned.
Pope’s Blistering Attack on ‘Haggard’ Europe Nico Hines November 25, 2014

Then on Thursday, Lombardi confirmed that the pope hit his head on a fall during his papal visit to Mexico last March.
Conspiracy Theories: Why Did the Pope Really Quit? Barbie Latza Nadeau February 14, 2013

Benedict XVI admitted to journalists on the papal plane that the sex abuse scandal was “truly terrifying.”
The Cardinal Who Got Away Barbie Latza Nadeau May 10, 2010

Historical Examples

The papal decision on the momentous question was at last put forth, November 12, 1323, in the bull Cum inter nonnullos.
A History of The Inquisition of The Middle Ages; volume III Henry Charles Lea

He enjoys the privileges of a papal offspring, and there is no sanctuary he will respect.
The Strolling Saint Raphael Sabatini

But this attempt to calm the people aroused the indignation of the papal See.
Monks, Popes, and their Political Intrigues John Alberger

Matters were at this stage when Alexander VI ascended the papal throne.
The Life of Cesare Borgia Raphael Sabatini

Yet, as we were still within the reach of the guns of the papal forts, my heart was by no means at rest.
Life in the Grey Nunnery at Montreal Sarah J Richardson

of or relating to the pope or the papacy

late 14c., from Old French papal (late 14c.) and directly from Medieval Latin papalis “pertaining to the pope,” from papa (see pope).


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