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Paper filigree

another name for rolled paperwork


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  • Papergirl

    [pey-per-gurl] /ˈpeɪ pərˌgɜrl/ noun 1. a who delivers newspapers to homes.

  • Paper-gold

    noun, Informal. 1. .

  • Paperhanger

    [pey-per-hang-er] /ˈpeɪ pərˌhæŋ ər/ noun 1. a person whose job is covering walls with wallpaper. 2. Slang. a person who passes worthless checks. /ˈpeɪpəˌhæŋə/ noun 1. a person who hangs wallpaper as an occupation 2. (US, slang) a counterfeiter noun A person who passes counterfeit money or worthless checks: The FBI’s suspect was a master […]

  • Paperhanging

    [pey-per-hang-ing] /ˈpeɪ pərˌhæŋ ɪŋ/ noun 1. the activity or business of a . 2. paperhangings, Archaic. .

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