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also papilloedema, 1908, from papilla + edema.

papilledema pap·il·le·de·ma (pāp’ə-lĭ-dē’mə, pə-pĭl’ĭ-)
Edema of the optic disk. Also called choked disk, papillary stasis.


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  • Papilliform

    [puh-pil-uh-fawrm] /pəˈpɪl əˌfɔrm/ adjective 1. resembling a . papilliform pa·pil·li·form (pə-pĭl’ə-fôrm’) adj. Resembling or shaped like a papilla.

  • Papillitis

    papillitis pap·il·li·tis (pāp’ə-lī’tĭs) n.

  • Papillo-

    papillo- pref. Papilla; papillary: papilloadenocystoma.

  • Papillocarcinoma

    papillocarcinoma pap·il·lo·car·ci·no·ma (pāp’ə-lō-kär’sə-nō’mə) n.

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