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[pa-pree-kuh, puh-, pah-, pap-ri-kuh] /pæˈpri kə, pə-, pɑ-, ˈpæp rɪ kə/

a red, powdery condiment derived from dried, ripe sweet peppers.
cooked or seasoned with paprika.
/ˈpæprɪkə; pæˈpriː-/
a mild powdered seasoning made from a sweet variety of red pepper
the fruit or plant from which this seasoning is obtained

1896, from German Paprika, from Hungarian paprika, a diminutive from Serbo-Croatian papar “pepper,” from Latin piper or Modern Greek piperi (see pepper (n.)). A condiment made from a New World plant, grown by the Turks at Buda from 1529.


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