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Papular urticaria

papular urticaria n.
See lichen urticatus.


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  • Papulation

    papulation pap·u·la·tion (pāp’yə-lā’shən) n. The formation of papules.

  • Papule

    [pap-yool] /ˈpæp yul/ noun, Pathology. 1. a small, somewhat pointed elevation of the skin, usually inflammatory but nonsuppurative. /ˈpæpjuːl/ noun (pl) -ules, -ulae (-jʊˌliː) 1. (pathol) a small solid usually round elevation of the skin n. 1864, from Latin papula “pustule, pimple, swelling” (see pap (n.2)). Related: Papular. papule pap·ule (pāp’yōōl) n. pl. pap·ules or […]

  • Papulo-

    papulo- pref. Papule: papulosquamous.

  • Papuloerythematous

    papuloerythematous pap·u·lo·er·y·them·a·tous (pāp’yə-lō-ěr’ə-thěm’ə-təs, -thē’mə-) adj. Relating to an eruption of papules on an erythematous surface.

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