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[pahr ek-suh-lahns, ek-suh-lans; French pa-rek-se-lahns] /pɑr ˌɛk səˈlɑns, ˈɛk səˌlæns; French pa rɛk sɛˈlɑ̃s/

being an example of excellence; superior; preeminent:
a chef par excellence.
above all; preeminently.
/par ɛksɛlɑ̃s; English pɑːr ˈɛksələns/
to a degree of excellence; beyond comparison: she is the charitable lady par excellence

French, from Latin per excellentiam “by the way of excellence.” From French par “by way of, by means of,” from Latin per (see per). For second element see excellence.


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