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paraballism par·a·bal·lism (pār’ə-bāl’ĭz’əm)
Severe jerking movements of both legs.


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  • Parabasal body

    parabasal body par·a·bas·al body (pār’ə-bā’səl, -zəl) n. A structure near the nucleus in certain parasitic flagellates.

  • Parabasis

    [puh-rab-uh-sis] /pəˈræb ə sɪs/ noun, plural parabases [puh-rab-uh-seez] /pəˈræb əˌsiz/ (Show IPA) 1. (in ancient Greek drama) a choral ode addressed to the audience, especially of comedy, and independent of the action of the play: usually following the agon and, in the earliest forms of comedy, serving often to end the play. /pəˈræbəsɪs/ noun (pl) […]

  • Parabellum

    noun a type of semiautomatic pistol or machine-gun; also called Luger, also written parabellum Word Origin Latin ‘for war’ Usage Note proprietary noun See Parabellum n. proprietary name for a type of automatic firearm, 1904 (Mauser & Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken), from Latin phrase si vis pacem, para bellum, from para, imperative of parare “to […]

  • Paraben

    /ˈpærəˌbɛn/ noun 1. any ester of parahydroxybenzoic acid, some of which are used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and have been found in breast cancer tumours

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