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paracervical par·a·cer·vi·cal (pār’ə-sûr’vĭ-kəl)
Adjacent to the uterine cervix.


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  • Paracervix

    paracervix par·a·cer·vix (pār’ə-sûr’vĭks) n. The connective tissue of the pelvic floor, extending laterally from the fibrous subserous coat of the uterine cervix and between the layers of the broad ligament.

  • Paracetaldehyde

    [par-as-i-tal-duh-hahyd] /ˌpær æs ɪˈtæl dəˌhaɪd/ noun, Chemistry. 1. . paracetaldehyde par·ac·et·al·de·hyde (pār-ās’ĭ-tāl’də-hīd’) n. See paraldehyde.

  • Paracetamol

    /ˌpærəˈsiːtəˌmɒl; -ˈsɛtə-/ noun 1. a mild analgesic and antipyretic drug used as an alternative to aspirin US name acetaminophen

  • Paracholera

    paracholera par·a·chol·er·a (pār’ə-kŏl’ər-ə) n. A disease clinically resembling Asiatic cholera, but due to an organism different from Vibrio cholerae.

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