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Parachute flare


an emergency signal that is attached to or dropped by a parachute after launch

A parachute flare is usually quite visible.


Read Also:

  • Parachute-brake

    noun 1. a parachute opened horizontally from the tail of an airplane upon landing, used as an aid in braking. Also called parabrake. Compare (def 2).

  • Parachute mitral valve

    parachute mitral valve par·a·chute mitral valve (pār’ə-shōōt’) n. A congenital deformity of the mitral valve in which there is only one papillary muscle present.

  • Parachute reflex

    parachute reflex n. See startle reflex.

  • Parachute-rigger

    noun 1. a person who inspects, repairs, and packs or folds parachutes.

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