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[par-uh-dok-si-kuh l] /ˌpær əˈdɒk sɪ kəl/

having the nature of a ; self-contradictory.
Medicine/Medical. not being the normal or usual kind:
Stimulants are a paradoxical, albeit effective, medication used for certain forms of hyperactivity.

1580s, from paradox + -ical. Competing forms were paradoxal (1560s), paradoxial (1620s), but they survive in niches, if at all. Related: Paradoxically.


Read Also:

  • Paradoxical contraction

    paradoxical contraction n. A contraction of the shin muscles in response to sudden backward flexing of the foot, as during a physical examination.

  • Paradoxical diaphragm phenomenon

    paradoxical diaphragm phenomenon n. A phenomenon occurring in pyopneumothorax, hydropneumothorax, and some cases of injury in which the diaphragm on the affected side rises during inspiration and falls during expiration.

  • Paradoxical embolism

    paradoxical embolism n. The obstruction of a systemic artery by an embolus that originates in the venous system and reaches the arterial system through a septal defect or an open oval foramen of the heart.

  • Paradoxical intention

    noun 1. (in psychotherapy) the deliberate practice of a neurotic habit or thought, undertaken in order to remove it

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