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paraffinoma par·af·fi·no·ma (pār’ə-fə-nō’mə)
A tumefaction, usually a granuloma, caused by the prosthetic or therapeutic injection of paraffin.


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  • Paraffin-series

    noun, Chemistry. 1. . noun, Chemistry. 1. the homologous series of saturated, aliphatic hydrocarbons having the general formula C n H 2n+2 , as methane, CH 4 , or ethane, C 2 H 6 . paraffin series See under alkane.

  • Paraffin-wax

    noun 1. paraffin in its solid state. noun 1. a white insoluble odourless waxlike solid consisting mainly of alkane hydrocarbons with melting points in the range 50°–60°C, used in candles, waterproof paper, and as a sealing agent Also called paraffin paraffin wax See paraffin.

  • Parafoil

    [par-uh-foil] /ˈpær əˌfɔɪl/ noun 1. a structure, usually made of a strong yet light fabric, having a shape similar to that of an airplane wing, and used as a kite or a parachute. /ˈpærəˌfɔɪl/ noun 1. a nonrigid aerofoil inflated by the wind, used in kites and paragliders

  • Parafollicular cell

    parafollicular cell par·a·fol·lic·u·lar cell (pār’ə-fə-lĭk’yə-lər) n. Any of the cells rich in mitochondria occurring in the thyroid epithelium, especially around the follicle.

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