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[par-uh-keet] /ˈpær əˌkit/

any of numerous small, slender parrots, usually having a long, pointed, graduated tail, often kept as pets and noted for the ability to mimic speech: several species are endangered.
any of numerous small usually brightly coloured long-tailed parrots, such as Psittacula krameri (ring-necked parakeet), of Africa

1620s, from Spanish perquito; earlier English form parroket (1580s) is from Middle French paroquet, from Old French paroquet (14c.), which is said by etymologists of French to be from Italian parrocchetto, literally “little priest,” from parroco “parish priest,” from Church Latin parochus (see parish), or parrucchetto, diminutive of parrucca “peruke, periwig,” in reference to the head plumage.

The Spanish form, meanwhile, is sometimes said to be a diminutive of Perico, familiar form of Pedro “Peter,” and the Old French word is likewise perhaps from or influenced by a diminutive of Pierre “Peter.” The relations of the Spanish and Italian forms, and the influence of folk etymology on either or both, are uncertain.


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