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[par-uh-mag-nit, par-uh-mag-] /ˌpær əˈmæg nɪt, ˈpær əˌmæg-/

noun, Physics.
a body or substance that, placed in a magnetic field, possesses magnetization in direct proportion to the field strength; a substance in which the magnetic moments of the atoms are not aligned.
(physics) the phenomenon exhibited by substances that have a relative permeability slightly greater than unity and a positive susceptibility. The effect is due to the alignment of unpaired spins of electrons in atoms of the material Compare diamagnetism, ferromagnetism
The property of being weakly attracted to either pole of a magnet. Paramagnetic materials, such as aluminum and platinum, become slightly magnetized when exposed to a magnetic field, but they lose their magnetism when the field is removed. When these materials are magnetized by a nearby magnet, the orientation of their north and sole poles results in their being attracted to the closest pole of the magnet. Compare diamagnetism, ferromagnetism.


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